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With more and more companies jumping on the Apple repair band wagon it really is difficult to know where to turn should you brake your iPhone. The first thing that always comes to peoples mind is to take it back to Apple for a possible exchange. While this is a great option for a full exchange on your broken iPhone, it is however the most expensive.

If like many of use you don’t want to spend 200+ on an exchange for the Apple store direct the alternative option is to find a local repair company. This is usually where many people run into problems. I get some calls from people who are ringing round for quotes and are quick to ask me if I can match a repair price of £35 for an iPhone 4S repair! Firstly, We all know the iPhone is a 500+ product from new, it amazes me how people can think that for £35 they are get an original part, as well as a professional repair service by an established Apple repair technician.

Any professional Apple technician worth his salt is going to charge a sensible fee for his expertise, as well as a realistic prices for an original or alternative aftermarket quality part. Experienced engineers that have been in the Apple repair business for many years have no need to compete with love quality, youtube watching repair companies. My mother always used to tell me you get in this life what you pay for, and so far her advice has carried me well.

Along with the Apple boom came the Apple replica parts. Low quality cheap knock off relics of Apples retina display. These parts can look off colour, the functionality can be sluggish, and the overall lasting quality is just not there.

While a professional engineer will never be the cheapest you do get the peace of mind your getting the job done properly. We always advice are clients to seek out professional  established professionals for repair to there Apple products. Many companies will rank themselves as “the best iPhone repair Leeds”, “the cheapest iPhone repair Leeds”, “the fastest iPhone repair Leeds”, no matter what the hook is from the company it pays to do your research before committing to that all important repair to your beloved iPhone.

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