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Apple Patent Hints At iPhones That Can Flip Themselves During A Fall To Protect Vulnerable Areas

Though the iPhone brand is one of the top options already for UK consumers, there are many consumers who wish it were more durable. For all of its high tech gadgetry, it still seems to be very vulnerable to falls. Many consumers accidentally drop their phones and find that the screen has cracked. This quickly renders the device unusable, since you can’t use its highly functional touchscreen. You may be impressed to learn that Apple may be unveiling new technology that can prevent some of this damage. Think about how you could save a substantial amount on repairs if you were able to prevent the screen from getting cracked.

Screen-ShotIf this sounds like science fiction, you may be surprised to learn that it is real. It has been found that an iPhone will be more likely to get damaged if it lands on certain sides of its frames. So some people have questioned whether or not they could be prevented from landing on those sides when the phone is dropped. If you have ever heard of the adage “bread always lands buttered side down,” then you will understand what concept they’re thinking of here. Weighting the iPhone towards one direction could help prevent many of these accidents from occurring in the first place.

But though this may be simple, it could actually take quite a bit of advanced technology to get this perfected. Some researchers have found a way to install a small motor inside the iPhone that can shift its weight during a fall. This motor can alter the trajectory of the iPhone during the fall, which can be very useful. It could even use small jets of air that could slow down the speed of the phone as it heads toward the ground. If it can prevent falls on sensitive components of the phone, many people will find it to be a valuable addition. The motor may prevent quite a few people from having to replace their phone or bring it in for repairs.


This development has captured the attention of a lot of people, but it is currently just at a theoretical stage right now. This new feature may not be included in some iPhone models for a couple years yet. It will take a large scale push to get this type of technology in to every new phone that is produced. But keep an eye out for some of these new phone components to be released in the future here in the UK.


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