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It is relatively easy to back up photos from the iPhone on a PC. This is one reason that so many people like the iPhone. The first thing people need to do is install the iTunes interface.

Installing iTunesWhen people buy an iPhone they have to understand that this machine has software that is used in order to import or export files. The iPhone is accessible from Windows Explorer so iTunes is needed in order to do a full backup.

People can click on the phone and go to the settings for photos. They can choose the option to include the photos in the backup. When people do an entire backup to the PC there will be an iTunes folder for all of the iTunes photos. People that use their iPhones can retrieve their photos this way.

Connecting to the PC

The other common way that people backup iPhone photos is when the phone is first connected to the PC. With this people will simply get connected with the USB cable. They will have the option to import photos from the iPhone. Users will be asked to import from the connected electronic device without ever opening up iTunes. When people select this they can choose to delete the photos from the iPhone after photos are imported.

Using the Cloud

Another way that people make choices to backup is through the iCloud. This is a newer way for more people to backup their photos without wires. For this the iCloud manager interface has to be setup. Once this is setup people can select the photo stream. This allows people to even share photos with others, but more importantly it allows iPhone users to push their photos without the use of a wire. That is good for people that may be synching a smartphone with a PC when they are on vacation. If iPhone users have installed the cloud interface on the PC the only other thing that they have to do is turn on the cloud synch feature on the phone.

Backing Up Photos from Apps

There is yet another way to backup iPhone photos that involves apps. There are a couple of great apps on the market. Lots of virtual storage locker apps make it easier to backup photos. Many of the apps that allow people to take photos will have options to send photos to certain apps like DropBox. If people have already downloaded these virtual storage applications on their PC the process will be easy. When they send the photos to these storage apps it will instantly appear on the desktop or laptop as well. This is similar to the iCloud because it is a wireless synchronization.

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