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The wildly popular iTunes from Apple is a relatively new yet now very well known household word of the computer age. The introduction of the iTunes virtual music store in 2003 revolutionized the way users bought, downloaded and listened to digital music. Users could pick and choose their favorite songs from the iTunes Store, buy it for a relatively cheap price online, and download it straight to their iPod! Needless to say, this idea was genius and extremely convenient!

Then along came home sharing, which made the whole iTunes media experience 5 times better. What is home sharing and how does it work with iTunes? Simply put, the idea behind home sharing is just that–sharing (or transferring) any purchased and downloaded digital music or other media with others in the same household for free. Up to 5 authorized computers or other devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network can enjoy the same music, TV shows, apps and even movies that have been bought using the iTunes Store. This means that 5 different users in 5 different locations in the house can all be watching or listening to the same media at precisely the same moment if they so choose. This is modern convenience at its finest!
Home sharing also means that any iTunes content can be shared and played with any compatible ios devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Apple TV (2nd generation) iPod, as well as any compatible Windows PC.
Live streaming is also available with home sharing, which is a terrific option for live media such as the news, reality TV and sports. You can also get some info on our ebook page for basics of the iPhone.
Setting up the home sharing feature on multiple devices is easy and smooth. As with all Apple products, home sharing is user-friendly and easily customised to suit personal preference. For example, there is an auto transfer option, which makes it possible for all downloaded files to be automatically shared with any of the household devices one click of the mouse. It’s as easy as that.
In order to enable iTunes home sharing, simple must follow these easy instructions:
1. Launch iTunes
2. Click “Advanced” on the menu
3. Select “Turn on home sharing”
4. Enter Apple ID (note: all computers and devices must use the same ID)
5. Click on “Create home share”
Now up to 5 devices can have free access to your iTunes media library to enjoy at any time!

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