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Apple iPhone 5S Release Date: September Launch Likely As Supply Chain Showing ‘Signs Of Life’

Rumors have begun to circulate of an impending product launch by technology giant Apple thought to be the launch of the Apple iPhone 5S to be unveiled in September 2013. A wireless chip manufacturer is the latest to reveal to investors they have seen a spike in preparations for a new Apple product, which should continue to build as a September launch draws closer. Experts claim production has yet to begin on the iPhone 5S, more commonly known as the iPhone 6 meaning a launch in the Fall is more likely than a late Summer release.

Avago Technologies became the focal point for Apple enthusiasts when a newsletter for shareholders claimed plans were beginning to be put in place for the production of chips for a new Apple product. The newsletter included information on the plans for chip production to increase over the next few months and peak as the company enters October 2013. Avago Technologies plans for a launch in the Fall would seem to be in line with those reported by Apple CEO Tim Cook who claimed the technology giant would not be launching a new product during the Summer. Cook went on to claim Apple would be coming out with a number of surprises for its loyal customers towards the end of 2013.

Rumors and hype have already begun over the expected new iPhone 5S, which would appear to include the first versions of the phone available in a variety of colors. Other rumors include the inclusion of an improved 12 megapixel camera and a large change to the security system of the phone. Fingerprint technology is thought to be planned for the iPhone 5S replacing the use of passwords to improve the security of the phones. Most experts believe the inclusion of fingerprint technology would be included to accompany the use of the iPhone 5S for more electronic financial transactions.

A September launch of the iPhone 5S would keep Apple following its commonly used annual launch window for new products. The iPhone 5 was launched in September 2012 meaning a September 2013 launch would put the new handset a full year after the launch of the previous version.

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