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The iPhone is without a doubt an amazing product. Over the course of the last 5 year the iPhone has spawned 10000’s, hell 10’s of 10000’s apps, accessories, and products. And as amazing as many are, there are a few that are just bizarre. Here are a few example Id love to share with you.

1. You know what its like! Every day when you go to the gym and head into the pool you think to yourself ” If only I could take my iPhone in the pool with me I could check my emails and Facebook! This dry case can stand up to 100 feet under water and you can even use it while your down there.


2. Fast Mac Impact shield is the super case of all super cases! The guys over at fast mac have developed the superman of iPhone cases. Its incredibly tuff. You can run  a car over it, drop it off a building, even hit it with a hammer. Lets face it, if you have ever dropped your iPhone and damaged the screen, then you might want to think about this bad boy!



3. If its bling your looking for then you have come to the right place. Luxon diamond iPhone cases. Lots of glue, and shiny paint, accompanied by jewels make this a must for many trend setters out there. Many of these items can be found on sites like eBay at some great prices. Something for the bling mob out there.


4.  And here is the TV hat! This was featured at Macworld and I couldn’t help but wet myself laughing! This is ideal for the train, bus, long journeys. Or maybe you just want some privacy.



5.  HyperMac has a great accessory. A couple of big problems with the iPhone solved. Storage and battery life. This great device will add upwards of 5 hours to your battery life.


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