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iPhone General Repairs

You have chosen the Apple iPhone 4.
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The iPhone 4 is the touch screen forth generation iPhone model. Marketed for video calling through Apple’s FaceTime and also usable through Skype. Announced on June 7, 2010 at WWDC. This iPhone 4 ran iSO 4 which at the time was the latest version of Apple’s OS. The biggest difference between this model and its predecessors was its design. The 4S features an uninsulated stainless steel frame that acts as the device’s antenna. It has an Apple A4 processor and 512 MB of eDRAM. It also was the first iPhone to feature a 60×640 pixel resolution, marketed as the “Retina display”.

iphone-4Faults Repaired:

  • Replacement Battery
  • Power Issue
  • Reception or Signal Issues
  • Faulty Dock Connector
  • Damaged Home Button
  • Broken Sim Card Holder
  • Damaged Speaker
  • Damaged Microphone
  • Broken Front Camera
  • Broken Repair Camera
  • Damaged Volume Adjuster
  • Damaged Silent Switch
  • Liquid Damage – click here
  • Damaged Back Case
  • Broken Headphone Socket
  • Damaged Vibration Module
  • Damaged On/Off Button


The iPhone 4S being the most popular model of all time of iPhone we know all too well the issues that do arise over time in terms of general repair. Some of the most common repairs other than screen replacement that we cover include replacement battery, new home button connector, damaged dock replacement. We are able to also fix iTunes error codes. Express iPhone repair is your one stop repair solution in leeds, West Yorkshire for the iPhone 4S. We are on hand daily to assist with whatever issue you may be faced with.

If the fault you are experiencing is not listed above, please use our contact page or call us to discuss in detail the problems you have.  This will allow us to provide a specific quote for the repair that is required. If your fault is listed above, please go to the next stage. Click here to contact us

Should your iPhone have more than one fault, we charge only £15 for each additional fault. For example: lets say your having your iPhone screen repaired as well, then you will be charge full price for the screen repair, then each additional fault repair will be charged at £15 each if its listed above. Exclusions can sometimes apply, this includes the rear case).